Luxembourg: 51% of the owners questioned think that it is necessary to sell in 2022

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The annual survey conducted by atHome shows an unprecedented finding: for the first time, 51% of the owners surveyed think that they should sell this year. In 2020, they were only 30%.

So, all week long, atHome is launching the debate by displaying, in the streets of Luxembourg, the question that everyone is asking: “Selling in 2022?

Several factors explain this increase in the desire to sell among homeowners.

An overall slowdown in real estate prices in Luxembourg

In 2020, real estate prices have jumped according to the Observatoire de l’Habitat. By 2021, they have slowed down.

According to the latest atHome statistics, here is the evolution of advertised prices for old properties between January 2021 and January 2022:

  • 8.2% for apartments
  • 8.6 % for houses

Overall growth in 2021is therefore less sustained than that observed in 2020.

Double-digit growth in the regions.

It may seem paradoxical that while prices are slowing down throughout the Grand Duchy, the regions are doing well. Here is the evolution of the announced prices of old properties in 2021 (atHome statistics):

  • In the North + 14.9
  • In the East +14.7
  • In the West +11.7
  • In the South +11.4

This trend does not seem to concern the Centre region, where the increase is twice as low +7.9% in 2021 .

A preview of the figures we will make public when the magazine atHome is released in April.

Real estate trends in 2022 in favor of sales

Two trends could affect the dynamics of the real estate market this year, and constitute great opportunities for owners who wish to sell quickly

A possible lack of interest in new real estate. Inflation, material shortages, delivery delays and price indexations may discourage future buyers. Some people turn away from new real estate to look for old real estate.

A depression in the number of buyers. In January 2022, 18% of the users surveyed gave up their property purchase project. 28% have put it on hold. At issue is the surge in interest rates in 2022 and the mandatory 20% financial contribution for real estate investors who wish to make a loan. Finding the right buyer and selling at the right price will therefore undoubtedly be more difficult as the year progresses.

For all these reasons, 2022 seems to be a good time to sell for owners who want to sell this year.

To help each homeowner make up their own mind, atHome offers two tools